Custom Cakes

Custom Cakes

We are so EXCITED to offer some of the best custom cakes in Bergen County! If you would like a quote for a customer cake, please email us at with your request.

Please include your ideas or any photos that you have as examples, flavor choices, the amount of servings that you will need and the date that your cake needs to be completed.

The Art of Zai

Picasso pushed paint around a canvas, Michelangelo sculpted clay. Zai works with flour, sugar, butter and eggs. With an eye for small details and keen sense of symmetry, Zai sculpts cake into art. Looking for the most beautiful cakes that you can buy in Bergen County, NJ? You’ve found the right place! Let Zai and her team help you decide on the right design for your event and then get ready to be amazed! Not only will she bring your design to life, but your guests will want to come back for seconds!

Two Tiered Little Mermaid Cake
Everyone loves our Rainbow Unicorn Cakes

It is our mission to bring the dream of your cake to life! Check out some of the posts from our Instagram site and see why so many of our customers have voted us the best Custom Cake Bakery in New Jersey! If you would like more information on Zai’s Custom Cake pricing, do not hesitate to contact us!

Please send us your Custom Cake Requests at

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